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Is The Lower The TDS of Drinking Water, The Better?

Author:Eternal Time:2020-09-09

First, let's talk about what TDS is?

TDS refers to the total amount of various solid substances that can be dissolved in water. The unit of milligram per liter (mg / L) mainly reflects the concentration of Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Na +, K + and other ions in water, which has a good correspondence with the hardness and conductivity of water.

The quality of water depends on its water quality indicators. Good drinking water quality should meet the corresponding national water quality standards. TDS is only one of many water quality indicators. TDS is mainly used to detect the quality of purified water, distilled water, RO membrane (reverse osmosis membrane) water purifier water quality.

Qualified drinking water must meet microbiological indicators (number of bacteria), toxicological indicators (heavy metal ion concentration), sensory traits (color, smell, taste, visible to the naked eye) and general chemical indicators and radioactive indicators.

Healthy and clean drinking water must not contain pathogenic microorganisms, and chemical substances and radioactive substances in water must not endanger human health and have good sensory properties.

In drinking water, the size of TDS simply cannot reflect the concentration of harmful heavy metal ions in the water. As for the number of bacteria in the water, the concentration of organic matter is not high, whether the concentration of nitrite exceeds the standard, and whether there is pesticide residue, these cannot be reflected by the size of TDS . Even if the concentration of bacteria and heavy metal ions in the water exceeds the standard, as long as the concentration of dissolved Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Na +, K + and other ions in the water decreases, the TDS value will become smaller.

In addition, the TDS value is also affected by the temperature of the water. Under normal circumstances, when the water temperature rises, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water combine with other substances, and the conductivity increases, so the TDS value will also increase. The quality of the effluent of a water purification equipment depends on multiple tests.

It is wrong to judge the quality of the water only by the TDS value, because even if a glass of water filled with stained bacteria is filled, as long as the calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium plasma concentration in the water is small, its TDS value is still low; similarly, even a glass of pure water After the salt was added to it, its TDS value soared immediately. Therefore, do not judge the quality of water by TDS value.

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