KDF & Silver Ions Anti-bacterial Ceramic Ball

It has strong antibacterial and bacteriostatic functions. It can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbe, which can solve the caused problem of sticky water, water discolored, water det

Color: Golden

Chlorine Removal Ceramic Ball

Chlorine Removal Ceramic Ball is a very popular material for dechlorination water purification.

Color: White

Condensate Neutralizing Ceramic Ball

Make Condensate Water Treatment More Convenient

Color: White

Silver Ions Ceramic Ball

Silver Ions Ceramic Ball is made of nano silver inorganic antibacterial agent, environment friendly clay and other anti-bacterial materials. Silver ions kill bacteria and deter bacterial growth by bre

Color: White

Activated Carbon Ceramic Ball

It is made of natural coconut shell and ceramic powder, effective function of remove heavy metal, chlorine and odor

Color: Black

Improved Ions Exchange Ceramic Ball

The best way to solve the water pollution of ammonia nitrogen, fluorine and heavy metal is to control the pollution of water sources, such as purifying industrial wastewater and municipal sewage.

Color: Pale Pink

Scale Inhibition Ceramic Ball

It is composed of natural mineral materials through a special process. It can make calcium and magnesium ions that are easily scaled and deposited on the water pipe wall and water cup wall more solubl

Color: White

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